80% of #RWC2011 visitors will be smartphone-enabled


The research has been done and people predict that 80 percent of #RWC2011 visitors will be smartphone-enabled Given this information and the fact that we're 100 days from the launch of the World Cup it's time for you, owners and managers in New Zealand companies to think about how you're going to leverage social and mobile technology.

Now this is not just about capturing some of the bucks flying in to NZ during the competition. This is about building international awareness for NZ and your business. You have the opportunity to create an engaged network of fans and customers that could benefit your business for years to come. While there may be some 80,000 visitors to NZ for the World Cup, many many more will travel here after the event and if you have those connections and relationships in place you could continue to benefit long after the final whistle.


Rugby World Cup - Business readiness checklist - Tweet about this

  • Created Twitter and Facebook brand pages
  • Developed a fan base on Twitter and Facebook
  • Developed a Rugby World Cup campaign
  • Prepared a content calendar and learnt when and what to post for high quality engagement
  • Taken your staff through customer service training
  • Created Foursquare location and loaded social offers for the Mayor and people who check-in
  • Have your key brand influencers over for a beer or coffee to get their buy-in before your campaign starts
  • Prepared the creative and design for in-store signage to promote your social networks and check-in specials
  • Organised swag for your staff for the World Cup campaign
  • Organised your shop front designs, signage
  • Scheduled Radio, Print or Digital advertising to support your World Cup campaigns
  • Will you collect Twitter @Names or email addresses so you can thank customers and send them offers or vouchers they can use or gift to friends?

Making it as easy as possible for people to share your stories and their experience with your business or products or services is essential. People don't think about sharing any more, they just do it. If you create fun moments, a good experience and encourage them people will share.


The 2011 Rugby World Cup is our time to shine. It's our party and our chance to maximize all opportunities. Anyone complaining they did not get any benefit from the World Cup needs their head read. If you want to benefit, start preparing now.

If you would like further advice and support to prepare your business ahead of the Rugby World Cup just give me a call.