Is your mobile app usage the same as global trends?

My most used mobile apps are Sproutsocial, Facebook + Messenger, Flipboard, Workflowy, Google Maps and Chrome.

Globalwebindex identified the apps that are actually used by the 969.49m strong global smartphone population.
It’s no surprise to see that Google Maps is No. 1 Used by 54% of the global smartphone population in the last month, it’s the go-to solution for lost and confused consumers. Apple Maps is nowhere to be seen but Nokia’s Ovi Maps is used by 9% of smartphone users and ranks No. 11 in our chart.
In the No. 2 spot in Facebook’s Mobile App, used by 44% of global smartphone users to keep in touch with friends, family and brands.
Facebook also has two other players in the top 10 – of which more later – but Google as well as taking No. 1, also takes No 3 with YouTube (35%) and No. 4 with the G+ Mobile App (30%).
Weixin / WeChat makes it to No. 5 and our research reveals that the Chinese-based service is being actively used by the 27% of the global smartphone population. It’s an impressive performance considering that is basically used only in China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
In at No. 6 is Twitter’s Mobile App with a 22% active usage number, closely followed by Skype and Facebook Messenger, which both score the same active usage number

What's your most frequently used mobile app?