What's your #Thumbstopper

Here's my thought for the day.

What's your Thumbstopper?

A Thumbstopper is a piece of content that stops people scrolling social media time lines for more.

While your planning your content marketing program for the next month, creating social media posts, blog posts and media articles think about;

  • What's the user experience of the social media network that piece of content is destined for?
  • Most people spend most time on social media channels on their mobile device
  • Everyone's social media news feeds are a constant stream of content that's competing with yours and updates from their friends and family
  • What's the trigger point that will stop people scrolling for more and think, share or click on your post?
  • What's the emotional connection that will make them think about them and your product or service?
  • What image is going to pop from the page and stop people in their tracks?

What's your thumbstopper going to be today?