Join @tpassios, Tim McLean and @JustinFlitter for a #custserv #webinar

Register here to join us for a Social Customer Service Webinar on Tuesday the 20th of August. We'll be debating and discussing best practice strategies and tactics to help your business deliver better customer service online.

With the introduction of social media, the requirements associated with providing quality customer service have changed dramatically. No longer are you engaged in a onetoone conversation, and no longer is it acceptable to simply provide the basics.

Instead, the role of the contact centre has changed overnight to one who’s performance is socially viewable by others, and one that requires you to provide a superior customer experience every time. It’s not about simply answering your customer's questions. Instead, in order to be successful, you need to build a relationship during each interaction, across each channel. More than simply having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, this relationshipstructured, often onetomany interaction method, is how customer service is evolving and is the essence of social customer service.

During this webinar, we'll help you get out in front of this shift is service methods. We'll share with you the best practices for turning your contact centre into a social customer service centre that builds relationships with your customers through all channels that they wish to communicate with you voice, email, chat, text, video and social.