A 15 month study of 500k tweets highlights 7 habits of highly effective tweeters

These points might just be timely reminders of good Twitter etiquette, nevertheless it's quality advice for every Tweeter.

This is the first study to examine what factors are associated with an increased follower-count on Twitter over an extended period of time. Hutto et al. (2013) studied 507 Twitter users over 15 months and half-a-million tweets. The study report is available here

7 habits of highly effective Tweeters

  1. Keep your messages positive
    • People are attracted to people who talk positively
  2. Stop talking about yourself
    • Self obsessed people gain less followers
    • Informers: 20% share information and reply to other users.
    • Meformers: 80% mostly send out information about themselves.
  3. Create 'Social Proof'
    • Being retweeted is a sign to others you are worth following
    • Also those who gave a web address, a location and a long description were more likely to attract followers
  4. Stay on topic
    •  This study found that people who remained more ‘on-topic’ tended to attract more followers.
  5. Check spelling and limit hashtag use
    • People hate the #random #use #of #hashtags.
  6. Short bursts of activity are ok
    • Twitter users who were bursty [10 tweets in 1 hour] from time-to-time tended to attract more followers.
  7. Increase direct mentions and reduce broadcast tweets
    • It pays; in terms of more followers to increase the proportion of directed tweets and decrease the broadcasts.