How would you answer "What is the point of social media if I don't get new clients from it?"

Good question and one every CEO, CMO should be asking their Marketing Teams.

In my mind there are three key reasons a company would initiate a Social Media program; 

  1. Increase brand awareness, share of voice
  2. Increase brand loyalty and customer retention
  3. Increase lead generation and sales

A consequence of 1 and 2 is increased sales and new customers so what ever your main approach is, identifying sales generated is mission critical. 

My question back to this is:

How do you know when you close a sale from a TVC, radio advert, Facebook page post, billboard or an event?

You need some way of tracking leads through multiple channels into your organisation. They could come through the phone, the website or in store. Either way you need a trigger point to enable you to start monitoring their activity.  

  • Which event did they attend?
  • What search terms did they use to find your site? 
  • What web pages did they visit? 
  • What content did they watch or download? 
  • Have they shared your content on social networks? 
  • What emails did they read? 

Applying an attribution to an interaction to capture that activity and then monitor that individuals progress through your sales funnel is essential to: 

  • Optimise your marketing spend
  • Learn about your buyers behaviours and what triggers them to convert to a customer

Talk to me @AamplifyNZ about Marketing Automation Software implementation and strategy. Marketing Automation Software can help you close the loop by creating the layers of data between your marketing activity, website and CRM. 

Just remember Marketing Automation software doesn't work on it's own. You need the strategy and program alongside for all pieces of the puzzle to work together.