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Join us on our mission to fuel people's passion for the ocean while creating more sustainable protected marine areas around the world.

Blu News is now live.  Blu Pods, your tool for helping us create completely sustainable protected marine areas are Coming Soon!

Check out the video below to get the run down on what we are about and to also get a sneak peak at our Blu Pods project one.

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We've been working towards this week for the last 2 years. Nick, Rob, Kev and I have devoted our spare time to developing keepitblu and we're really just at week 1. 

I think of keepitblu as a platform. A platform to connect people around the world passionate about the ocean. Surfers, divers, photographers, scientists, foodies, boaties and sand castle builders all share this common connection.

It's our ambition to have every marine protected area in the world mapped out on keepitblu. 

In the near future we'll launch our first partnership, our first marine reserve and sell our first Blu Pods beginning the process of developing sustainable revenue streams for marine reserves. 

This is a massive project; one I'm hoping you'll pitch in to help.

Right now we're looking for contributors to Blu News and developers to build new functionality on the website. If you'd like to curate or write stories that inspire, educate and entertain please get in touch.

We're also looking for a Public Relations company or freelancer to donate a few hours per week to help us share more stories and establish strong media partnerships.

This is the start of a very long journey. If you have people we should be talking to, advice or suggestions or feedback about the website please let me know. Without you we cannot achieve our mission.

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Join the water fight. 

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