Whittaker's brilliant new campaign launched this morning #chocolate

I love Whittaker's. This mornings new campaign launch is a brilliant example of great content and great programming. And their audience LOVES it.

Three post have been published so far today. The sequence of events is clever. Only comment is that these three posts could have been spread out over 3-4 days to give each element more time to reach a wider audience and add to the suspense.

Stuff.co.nz published this story about the 'accident' 

The first video shows CCTV footage of a delivery truck driving into bushes and hitting one of New Zealand's most famous monuments, the L&P bottle in Paeroa. Click the image to open the page post. 

A couple of hours later they update their cover image


Next they released the new commercial, spilling the beans and tying it all together. Again click the image to open the page post. 

Likes, comments and shares are proof in point that today people are talking about Whittaker's and likely off to the shops to find this new treat for afternoon tea.

The story could definitely have been fleshed out to earn more media coverage. I mean how on earth would Whittaker's repay the people of Paeroa for almost knocking over one of their prized possessions! 

No doubt there is significant paid media spend behind this campaign to increase the reach of each page post. But it still takes great content, great stories to engagement people no matter how big your budgets are.