Social Mentions for the big 4 of #Video

It's been a few weeks since the launch of Instagram's Video service so I've run a few reports tracking mentions on Twitter to see what's changed.

I looked at data from the last 90 days for Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram and Vine. Now I realise that Instagram tweets will include images as well.  

According to Onavo, Vine is one of the most successful mobile apps in America in recent history, converting over 10% of American iPhone owners into active Vine users in just half a year. Source

This article in MarketingLand paints a clear picture between Vine and Instragram

Vine Beat Instagram? - source
We probably helped kick off the whole “Is Vine bigger than Instagram?” news cycle three weeks ago, when we reported that there was more sharing of Vine on Twitter than Instagram. Here’s the chart we showed then:

Instagram Back On Top, Thanks To Video?
Our story yesterday reported what we found, that suddenly Vine activity dropped dramatically, after having stayed above Instagram since June 7:

So I took to Peoplebrowsr to research brand mentions on Twitter over the last 90 days. Brand mentions would include link shares, hashtags, blog post shares and general discussion out each of the 4 biggest video services, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram and Vine.

Vimeo has seen a slight decline in brand mentions since Instagram Video was released

Vimeo mentions.png

As expected YouTube has been unaffected by Vine or Instagram

YouTube Mentions.png

Apart from the peak of activity around the launch of Instagram Video the service has seen a very slight overal increase in mentions on Twitter

Instagram mentions.png

And even the slight increase in mentions appears to be tailing off

instagram combined.png

Vine mentions peaked along side the launch of Instagram video but are definitely declining 

Vine mentions.png
combined vine mentions.png

This trend is probably to be expected. Instagram has many more active users than Twitter. The Next Web  criticises the Topsy report that focuses on links shared, hence why I've reviews overal brand mentions.  

You also have to consider that Instagram does not integrate with Twitter given it's a Facebook service but I stil believe Twitter mentions gives us a fairly even barometer of activity. 

At the end of the day from a user or brand perspective you're going to use Instagram to share short videos on Facebook and Vine for Twitter.

Inconclusive perhaps at this stage but I thought it was interesting to check the data nevertheless.