Are you co-creating or trying to integrate at the last minute?

What comes first? Your Marketing plan or your Social Media plan? On one hand you can't develop a social strategy without understanding the key messaging, mechanics, traditional media and stories that are being told from the marketing plan. But on the other side the marketing plan will not be complete without social insights, creative and integration.

All too often I feel Social Strategies are tacked on after the marketing plan has been created. People do their best to weave story lines into online conversations but often that means the reverse isn't true. People aren't weaving social stories or connections into their marketing.

We always encourage co-creation, however often you aren't brought into the campaign at that early stage; making it harder to mesh everyone's ideas, programs and activities together online.

We're constantly pushing to be involved earlier and earlier in the strategy and planning phases for campaigns and feel we can add much greater value doing so.

I guess this is a battle many people working in the industry are challenged with. As companies start taking social strategies more seriously, giving them more emphasis, weight and budget will mean you're involved in the initial stages more often.

Is this a challenge you face? How are you tackling it? Any thoughts?

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