60,000 Tweets and one bell curve of Klout


I'm evaluating a new data search and filtering tool at the moment. It's just moving into Beta stage before public release but it's been great fun discovering what one can find out. So I started tracking all the #RWC2011 Tweets on Saturday afternoon and as they started to flood in at more than 16 per second I hit the record button. I managed to pretty much export every tweet from 4pm to 2am. That's a 100mb file or an excel spreadsheet of some 60,000 lines of data.

After cleaning up the data two sets particularly interested me. One was what mobile devices were most commonly used to post tweets vs the web or regular social media applications like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.

The other was the level of Klout rugby tweeters have.

So in the image above you have the results. The majority of people fit between the 35 and 45 mark but after that the curve falls away rather sharply. However have you noticed that first line, those with a Klout score of 10 numbered over 1200 in this extract. Is this an indicator of lots of new Twitter accounts, perhaps as way for people to follow the RWC2011 on Twitter or a whole lot of Dabblers coming out of the woodwork?

But then you take a look at this graph showing Klout Styles, and sure enough the middle ground is the majority group but the specialists account for over 12,000 Tweets which is almost 1/4 of my sample.

So overall probably nothing terribly riveting or insightful from this research other than that leading edge in the klout bell curve. And this is probably consistent with any other general population group from around the world on Twitter. Anyway I thought it was worth sharing never the less.