Starting a new job is like trying to cook in someone else's kitchen

Who puts the measuring cups in there? Where's the grater? Why are the mugs not upside down?

Trying to cook in an unfamiliar kitchen is frustrating at the best of times. It's much the same when you start a new job. 

What folder is that doc in? Why are we using that image? What workflow is triggering that email? How's that list being generated? 

Everyone has a method to their madness and organises their work [or not] in a way that works for them. Problem is when the Chefs change.

Create a task for yourself. Create a Business Cookbook. 

It's a living, Google Doc, updated as required with the latest in-flight business rules and workflow logic so everyone knows exactly what's triggering what, where data flows etc.

It's useful to know things like

  • What are the rules for Coarse, Medium and Fine Gained Audience Segmentation for Paid Adverts
  • How is content graded into Top, Middle or Bottom Funnel campaigns 
  • What are the lead status definitions to grade leads as they move up the value chain?
  • Whats the lead scoring methodology?
  • Where's the glossary of terms for data/field mapping between Salesforce and xyz?

Person dependency creates a massive problem with they fall ill or leave the business. So along with creating greater transparency it's also a vital insurance policy. 

Make it easy to cook in your kitchen.