A Social Media Manager is not a desk job

This post was originally published in June 2014

Being a Social Media Manager involves;

  • Being a champion for better communications and engagement within the organisation
  • Having a good bull-shit meter and knowing what's worthy of sharing and can be quietly forgotten about
  • Posting updates and content to a 'Social Network'
  • Being the community manager, responding to questions, comments, complaints and general banter
  • Supporting content development campaigns
  • Running paid media adverts
  • Reporting on audience acquisition, click throughs, and how many people interacted with your messages/content.
  • Arguing with finance because you need the last smartphone

Almost all of this can be done with your bum on a chair. That in my mind is not very social.

Being in the office all day, sitting at your desk taking calls and posting tweets might look good but getting out might help you build a stronger community.

 If you're not already doing this here's what I'd like you to consider. 

  • 50% of your day is prep, planning and scheduling. Organising people, posts and platforms
  • 50% of your day is out, about creating content, networking, meeting people in your company, customers, fans, suppliers, attending community events. At the very least you're hot-desking in the warehouse or a city space.

Social Media managers need to be super active in their organisation, hunting for stories, looking for opportunities to create content on the fly. 

If your company sponsors events, sports people, music or theatre, the social media manager should be there, during set up, opening night and throughout the season to share stories, catch people back stage, to bring the story to life with authentic interactions.

Don't get tied to your chair because your boss needs to 'see' you working. Get out, get social and you'll get better results.