The 50 shades of Social Media


Popular social network users are older than you might expect

Pingdom recently published a report about social network demographics in 2012.

Here are some highlights I've picked out

And you thought social networks were full of teens and 20 somethings?

  • 55% of Twitter users are 35 or older
  • 63% of Pinterest users are 35 or older
  • 65% of Facebook users are 35 or older
  • 79% of LinkedIn users are 35 or older

Some social networks do have a much younger audience, like

  • 58% of Reddit users are under 35.
  • 60% of Github users are under 35.
  • 63% of Hi5 users are under 35.
  • 69% of Hacker News users are under 35.
  • 69% of deviantART users are under 35.
  • 83% of Orkut users are under 35.


While this research was carried out with USA participants it should translate equally around the world.

One massive question stands out.

Where are the teenagers? SMS, or some other peer to peer mobile apps I suspect.