5 ways to decrease clutter and increase relevance on Twitter



Your Twitter timeline is [probably] getting busier as more people join and we all follow more people. Most people [IMHO] want to create a relevant timeline of useful, interesting and entertaining tweets from the people/brands they follow.

So if you auto post irrelevant updates it clutters timelines and annoys your followers increasing the likelihood they will unfollow you or otherwise ignore your future posts. Some people use browser addons to filter out tweets that contain certain keywords or @names.

If you're posting any of these please consider your followers and STOP!

  1. Foursquare checkins [Or any other checkins for that matter] - who cares that you've just be awarded a badge for going to the mall 10 times or if its the 5th Airport you've been to this year. If you're somewhere interesting just talk about it.
  2. Auto posts like "My week on Twitter" listing how many new followers, retweets and mentions you received - seriously we don't care
  3. Auto posts from services like Paper.li - I was a culprit of this for a long time but since learning the error of my ways realise its just rubbish noise that pisses people off.
  4. Auto Follow Friday posts. #FF is like so 2009. If you want to recommend or thank people for an interesting week on twitter do it personally, it's way more authentic
  5. KRED, KLOUT or and other +1 recommendation service "I just gave @name +K for blogging" is noise and could be much more relevant and authentic if you tweeted "Hey @name just read your blog post about X, think you nailed it"

Can you add any more to this list? Just add them as a comment below and I'll update this post with your suggestions.

Do you actively unfollow people that constantly do any of the above?

If you need to check which applications have been authenticated to auto post or share updates to your Twitter account please click here and revoke access.

@justinflitter These examples are perfect. I would say: "To many quotes" which we see over an over again. e.g. - Steve Jobs

— LesDoxas (@LesDoxas) January 14, 2013