5 steps to better engagement through Twitter


It's one of those frequently asked questions. 

"What's your strategy for engagement, how do you do it?"

So here's a brief run down of the steps I take

  1. Someone mentions you on Twitter, Open their Twitter profile, read their bio and note their location
  2. Check for a website or blog link, Read recent blog posts or review their work on their website
  3. Find a common interest point or something you can discuss with them
  4. Make a comment and ask a question
  5. Rinse and repeat for ongoing discussions on mutual topics

When it comes to growing your following on Twitter, for yourself or your brand you are either using this technique for people mentioning you or you're searching for people mentioning key words, or discussion a topic of interest to you too. Actively looking for people who share a common passion and asking their opinion, feedback or thoughts is proactive, constructive and a great way to meet new people and expand your network.

Simple, yes but its effective and a much better practice to get in the habit of than just replying without knowing who you're talking to. 

The next step is to learn who you both have common connections with. Perhaps you might start following people that person follows too, to strengthen that connection and dig deeper into that network. Creating a meaningful connection is a sure fire way to ensure someone follows you back, but its the ongoing dialog that really adds true value and benefit in the long run.

I guess this follows the old mantra that people like to talk about themselves. So make people feel important, celebrate their success and create opportunities for them to share their knowledge with you and your network.

Anyway thats the process I try to take, you might think it's common sense but I have been prompted to write this post as frequently people ask for my formula, my approach. So "woop, there it is"


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