5 things I learnt producing our social media guide

[caption id="attachment_5502" align="alignright" width="300" caption="2012 Beginners Guide to Social Media for Businesses"][/caption] Over the last two weeks more than 20 people have been compelled to email me their feedback, comments and suggestions about the Social Media Guide for businesses. That's in addition to the countless DMs, tweets and LinkedIn messages I've received.

The experience has taught me a lot. And I'm humbled by the response.

I spent the best part of 150 hours over three months producing the SM Guide. It's aimed at beginners researching or planning social media for their company. It's not a bible, it's intended to be a conversation starter, to get people thinking in a good direction.

I've never published a doc like is before. I have a folder full of attempts but I settled on this style, this approach. It's not perfect but I asked for feedback and I received plenty.

Here are the five most important lessons I've learnt

1. You can't please everyone 2. Give people an option to submit their email address if they don't want to post a tweet or Facebook update 3. Paying with a status update or submitting your email address does not mean it's free 4. You can't cover everything, what you leave out is as important as what makes the final edit. 5. By using a presentation tool like SlideRocket you can update your doc on the fly, instantly fixing, refining and updating the pages well into the future.

From now on the 2012 Beginners Guide to Social Media for businesses is available free and unrestricted here. If you wish to pay with a tweet you can go here. Either way, if you read it I'd love your feedback, comments and suggestions and if you feel compelled to share it with your networks; Thank you.