Q. How do you keep on top of marketing trends, tools and tactics?

I was asked this question during a video interview on the state and future of marketing which I will share here when its edited and produced.

I don't follow people specifically or even subscribe to websites or blogs any more. Which probably speaks to the constant fragmentation of media we're experiencing at the moment. 

I follow my interests, the hashtags or keywords that are relevant to the moment, my work or a topic I'm researching.

With Google News Alerts, Flipboard, search and social the news and most interest stories find me. They appear in my timelines and inbox from all over the internet, written by people I've never heard of and published on websites I'll never know the name of. 

Some are interesting, useful and worth sharing, some are garbage, but that's always the way, you have to apply you're own bullshit filter.

So love your Hashtags and Keywords, get searching, be interested and immerse yourself. You never know who or what you might find along the way.