Here's 4 new Social Media apps to check out today

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My bookmarks folder is crammed full of social media tools and apps. There's well over 2,000 links stored from research and testing over the last three years. I love playing with and testing new apps and tools, and I'm more than happy to pay a few bucks to get the premium sauce too.

Over the weekend I've added 4 more apps to my list, their pretty handy so check them out.

FRUJI - Professional Social Media Statistics

Fruji analyses all your followers and then reports back on;

  • Followers, Following
  • Tweets, Retweets
  • Verified Accounts that follow you
  • List memberships
  • New followers and Unfollowers
  • Most popular followers
  • Most valuable followers
  • Identifies likely Marketing accounts (even follow/following numbers)

Annual premium account costs $25USD.

I like it because it collects data from all your followers not just the last 1,000 or a percentage of so it's as accurate as can be. As with any stats app like this, the data gets better over time.

Mention - Social Content Curation and Engagement Centre

I could almost migrate from Sprout Social over to Mention today. It's laid out really well and very easy to use.

Mention lets you plug in Twitter and Facebook profiles and relevant search terms so you end up with a Google Alerts/search feed integrated with your social mentions.

Mention works based on the number of alerts or results you receive each month. < 1000 mentions per month is free but 5000 mentions starts at $9.99 p/m through to 100,000 mentions at $199.99 p/m across all your accounts/profiles.

While many other social media publishing tools have all these features Mention's UI makes it super easy to use and as you delete mentions it learns what sources are most relevant to you.

Next I'd like to see custom URL integration with Bitly, a basic performance statistics section and information on the best time to Tweet. And perhaps even a scheduling tool like BufferApp so you can add a bunch of interesting updates into the bank to be shared throughout the day.

SharedCount - Shared Link Stats

So it's pretty easy to get stats on links you share, blog posts you write etc. But what about other people's content?

Shared Count lets you submit any URL and see it's shared link stats. It shows you how many times that link has been shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin and a few others.

It's interesting to see what's being shared and what's not being shared that you think is good. Check it out.

RebelMouse - Multi Network - Social Aggregator

I use,, Twylah and a few other tools for content curation and Social Landing pages. RebelMouse call themselves the Social Front Page.

Essentially you add all your Twitter and Facebook pages to the list and it displays all your content in one Magazine style news feed.

I think these tools are great for social SEO and an  awesome way for website visitors or none social media users to still see and access your social news feed without needing to login to Twitter.


If you have spotted a really interesting new social application or tool please let me know.