Today I joined

Today I started at as Head of Marketing. The responsibility is daunting, the opportunity is phenomenal. 

After one day on the job it's probably way to early to answer this question. Purpose is in the pudding and all that. 

Two weeks ago I was made redundant for the third time since 2008. Which is quite staggering when my father was only made redundant 3 times in his whole working life.

This appointment is the biggest in my career. It's a significant achievement for me. I did hours of research and spoke to a lot of people before making this decision. They did exactly the same and I have a number of people I'll personally thank for their comments and encouragement. 

I made it clear from the first meeting that I was interviewing them as much as they were interviewing me. This is fundamentally important to any recruitment or job application. The mindset shift was uplifting and invigorating.

Community building is a significant theme in my career since graduating from University in 2000. I see it as a fundamental way businesses attract and retain customers, it creates stickiness, a competitive advantage that can be hard to replicate.

Through the platform and their people, in just a day I've been exposed to their community I suddenly realise how incredible it is. 

When you live and breath your product, when you 'Eat your own dog food' [I've actually done that - ask Jen] you create a culture that's dynamic, sustainable and focused on growth.

As you can hear from ... words ... you'll hear my excitement. I will be awake for hours writing, planning and researching as I get to know this community, it's people, ideas and the future for empowered workforces that are aligned, collaborative and truely in-sync. 

More to come. No doubt...