3 ways you can increase social participation

I often get asked

"theres us in head office tweeting and facebooking all day long, but we'd like more people to contribute and participate but they dont like twitter"

Usually the "more people" are the staff in the shops around the country or sales reps etc.

In an ideal world we'd all be like Zappos or Microsoft and all staff would be on Twitter and Facebook sharing corporate content and having fun with the brand but thats just not going to happen for most companies.

Find those people that want to have that role, that like social networks and want to get involved, it will be much easier guiding them through using their profile with the brand than it will be convincing someone who doesn't care.

So for those people that don't like or don't want to tweet for or about their company there are a few ways you can still turn them into corporate stars.

  1. Rich media Production. They are probably people with immense product knowledge - get them to do video reviews or discuss the differences between similar products. Even instructional videos
  2. Ask them to share with people that their is a company twitter account and ask they follow it - help create awareness
  3. Written content, blog posts, product reviews, news letter articles or writing "100 facts about x product" that are in tweet format making a useful resource for the tweeters to use.

So how do you encourage non tweeters to engage, to participate and contribute to your social media marketing?