4.7% of your fans generate 100% of your social engagement

EngageSciences built a social marketing platform for building campaigns and publishing, underpinned with an audience database. Every interaction with every fan is recorded against their marketing record.

With over 400 brands EngageSciences has been analysing a huge amount of fan data across multiple social networks.

The found that typically only 4.7% of a brand’s fan base generates 100% of the social referrals. So to put it another way, it is 4.7% of your social media following that generates all of the conversions, not just reach.

Not that we are ignoring the other 95 percent, there is still plenty of value in this large segment. They’re connecting to you as a brand, the active fans are consuming your content and they are 20-30% more likely to buy from you as a result. But if we are looking at social media through the eyes of marketing and we want to improve our acquisition metrics, then it is the top 4.7% that generates all of the earned media results and organic growth.

The result is this group of influencers can give you 176x the reach of an active engaged fan that is interacting with your posts and campaigns. 

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