Time Saver Tips: Ora Tracker has all your channel reports in one place.

Ora is a community for growing Kiwi businesses. One of the features of the Ora app is the time saving Ora Tracker reporting tool.

Once you have connected your channels like Facebook Business Page, Facebook ad account, Google Analytics and Google Adwords account you can instantly run reports in Ora.

Quickest option is to select All Reports and then generate and download your latest reports to share with your team.

Since launching in 2014 more than 2,500 Kiwi's have started running their business on Ora. They're monitoring their competitors, running all their digital marketing reports and maintaining an up to date business profile all in the one place. These insights help them develop a business growth strategy with their Ora Business Growth Manager.

If you want the inside track on growth you can join Ora here

Justin Flitter