When are Kiwis most active on Twitter? The answer might surprise you.


I love my stats and I'd like to see more reports relevant to New Zealand's use of Social Networks like Twitter.

I wanted to know when [on average] people in New Zealand were most active on Twitter.

I recorded the volume of Twitter interactions [from 7am to 12am weekdays] originating from accounts with New Zealand, Auckland or Wellington in their profile under location or timezone.

What I uncovered might affect your social media strategy.

At 10am there is a spike as people catch up on the mornings news and gossip over morning tea. But that's nothing compared to what happens after dinner.

As John Campbell starts at 7pm, Twitter activity soars. From 6-7pm we recorded on average 4500 interactions, 7-8pm 5500 interactions and 8-9pm 6500 interactions. That 6500 interactions per hour continues until 11pm when most people hit the sack.

// An interaction refers to publishing and consuming content including new tweets, retweets, , @ mentions and @replies, but not link clicks or favourites.

How does this insight influence your Twitter Strategy?

For any consumer brands I would seriously be considering asking your Social Media Manager to start work at lunch time or later and finish around 9pm.

"Brands should be fans of the things their customers are doing."

With so much activity in the evening, the opportunity to connect and interact with Kiwi's as they relax, watch TV and debate the day's media is obvious.

Being relevant, engaging in conversations of the moment and putting your brand amongst the day's trending topics are goals of every social media marketer. This is visual proof that [during the week] you need to be fishing where and when the fish are swimming.

The latest Social Media user data for New Zealand published in February [I still can't find the link but will add here when I track it down] was 450k active monthly users up from 350k in November 2013. About 175k actively daily users.