Latest Mobile Search Data #Report

Recently Marin Software published the 2013 Mobile Advertising Report

With many companies developing 'mobile first' it's interesting to assess Mobile Search trends and changes in paid search across mobile devices.

It is important to note here that this research is based solely on Google data.

If you want to read through the full 15 page report click the link at the top. I've pulled out key graphs which highlight the key trends the report covers

While advertisers saw their share of google paid search clicks increase in 2012 from 14.2% to 23.4% their share of mobile search budget only increased from 10% to 18.4%. So ad budgets are still lagging behind mobile search performance.

Average click through rates were the highest from smartphones compared to tablets and computers, with the lowest cost per click. But conversion rates were higher from computers and tablets.

Cost per click, Click through rates, Spend share per device and click through share by device break downs below.