New Zealand #startup @25MostPlayed wants to make iTunes more social


When Anthony Gardiner meets you for the first time one of his first questions will be "What's on your 25 most played tunes list?"

It's a conversation starter and a great way to discover common interests, gigs you were both at or famous people you've actually met.

Anthony has now turned that personal interest into a new startup aiming to socialise your 25 most played tunes.

25MostPlayed is a new way to discover music, based on your friends, location, interests, and age ranges. Create and follow custom music charts.

25 Most Played is currently only integrated with iTunes although other music apps like Spotify are in the development plan as is a mobile app. 25 Most Played is fully funded by Anthony but he says investors may be required to take the startup to the next level and support feature development.

After you login with Facebook to  you need to upload your iTunes playlist. There's a smart little app [Windows and Mac] to download that automatically syncs with the website each week. [Make sure you sync iTunes with your mobile devices first to gather that data too]

Now comes the fun part.

You can instantly see and compare the top 25 tunes of your friends on Facebook, listen to the track or click through to buy it on iTunes.

You can see the 25 most played for all time, the last year, month, or week by using the drop downs at the top

You can also look for the 25 most Played songs according to location, age ranges, or search for specific people. You can then follow the charts that you make and these will update every week so you can keep finding new tunes.

In the left hand side bar is an 'Interest' search box. Brands can look up their Facebook page and see the top 25 tunes their Facebook fans are listing to at the moment.

Here's the playlist for Air New Zealand [list will change as more people join up]

25mostplayed - air new zealand

Radio stations could reveal their Facebook fans favourite tunes and make sure they're playing those tunes on air.

Bars could play their fans favourite music.

I can't wait for the user base to grow. Once the data builds up we'll start to see many creative ways people, businesses and brands use the custom charts to create playlists and learn what their customers love to listen to. has recently finished a private beta program so when you jump on to check it out after reading this post please note that it might take a few days for search related charts to populate as user base grows.

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