2012 Social Media Guide for Businesses

Social Media for Companies - Justin Flitter

It's the first week of a huge new year. We're certainly very optimistic about 2012 and we hope you are too. For the last couple of months we've been working hard on a Beginners Social Media Guide aimed at businesses.

We've added a few questions at the end of it to gather a little information from people reading it. And we've made the Guide with SlideRocket so it's easy for us to make changes on the fly. So remember to check back often and look out for mentions on twitter when we make updates.

As always with these things you can keep adding more and more slides and useful information. However if you have any comments, suggestions or useful information you think we should include please leave a comment here or within the guide presentation and we'll certainly check it out.

To get access to the presentation please first share it with your social networks on either Twitter or Facebook using the Pay with a Tweet button below

If you would like a copy without sharing please drop me an email.