Robots vs Humans. Let the content wars begin.

Social Networks and changing patterns of media consumption have fundamentally changed how brands must generate, produce, share and engage online.

The types, frequency and style of content required to keep your brand 'top of timeline, top of mind' requires thought, creativity, brand and cultural understanding. 

Crappy content will cost your brand more than making the effort to get it right.

There's an art to creating beautiful page posts, engaging videos and blog posts that start conversations. 

Poor content, incorrect images sizes, poor lighting and sound in videos, weak copy and unconvincing calls-to-action are the quickest ways to make your fans switch off. 

Added to that, every time you post something to Facebook, everyone who does nothing, that is they don't interact with your content at all; negatively effects the reach your future posts will get. Ignoring a Facebook posts tells Facebook you aren't interested in that content, so they're less likely to show it to you in the future.

TigerPistol is a new service that offers to automate your page post content creation

TigerPistol takes your Facebook page data, insights and other information to produce posts and automatically publishes them to your page at the optimum time.

As a Social Media Marketer are you ready to let go of your content production and posting that much?

I've not tested TigerPistol but my first reaction is just how relevant are they going to get the content?. There's a lot to be said for cultural relevance, localisation and familiarisation with your audiences likes and interests that simply can't come through data.

Another service is Perculate

Perculate appears to have a more robust system to connect and engage your people in the content production process. Their software helps you plan, organise and prepare your social content marketing program.

While both services could add value to certain brands many of the companies and brands that I've dealt with, especially in NZ and AU just aren't that heavily invested in social marketing. Their audience sizes are relatively small and content is often created and produced on the fly.

No matter how much planning you do, or how thorough your content calendar is, nothing beats real-time creative. 

Relevant posts, relevant conversations are always going to generate higher engagement rates, more shares and more click-throughs.

Relevance requires the human touch and real-time production requires a small army of content producers ready and waiting for briefs.

There isn't a Small to Medium sized business in New Zealand with that sort of capacity to produce content effectively and efficiently. Even Medium to Large businesses with agency partnerships will struggle.

This is why we've launched, a service dedicated to generating social media for brands to share online.

PagePost has formed a [growing] team of Copywriters, Designers and Video Producers ready to work on generating social content for brands and businesses in New Zealand. 

PagePost's pricing is transparent. Clients know what they will pay for standard image posts [From $85 each], Blog Posts [$210 each and Photography sessions [$250 p/h] before they place their order. Stock images, additional creative time or complicated design projects may require extra time and budget.

With PagePost we wanted to make generating content simple, affordable and efficient for any business. We don't have the overheads of typical design agencies and we have a team to rival any agency in New Zealand.

Social Content should be made with love

It will be interesting to watch the content marketing automation trend evolve. I'm sure it will become extraordinarily smart. But until software can think and interpret like humans content creation will always be better when its made with love, made by humans.

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