Social real estate is hot property

Content is a commodity. Some brands now consider the content they publish online to be as important as the products or services they sell. 

Good content is a product with intrinsic value, worth multiple times the time and effort to produce it.

Demand for newsfeed space is heating up. Facebook's algorithm makes all publishers compete for attention. Every friend, brand, news service is a publisher where every post ignored means those people are less likely to see their content in the future.

We're all living in real-time. News hits Twitter before any newspaper, radio station. If your brand wants to be apart of peoples lives you too will have to operate a fluid social engagement program. It's not hard, but it does need the right people, the right systems and good preparation to succeed.

Brands need a strong social content strategy and content production program. Establishing this should be the focus of every business in Q1 2014.

Essential elements for brands to consider during this process are;

  • Post frequency
  • Customer experience
  • Mobile integration
  • Content quality and production is a content production service. We're making it efficient and cost effective for any business to run a content marketing program that works.

Here's two examples from quick fire brand responses to Brendan McCullum's record innings at the Basin Reserve today. Good examples of branded content published in response to a cultural moment.

real time content response from skysportnz.png