It's time #Twitter killed the timeline #spam

There's a lot of commentary on Twitter's User Experience. A lot of speculation and rumours too.

So I'll put my #UX hat on and make this one suggestion.

It's time to kill the timeline litter. Those apps and tools that auto post status updates that have zero value.

These updates simply clog up users timelines reducing the number of meaningful tweets one get's to see. It increases scroll fatigue and aids the perception that Twitter is full of rubbish, irrelevant content.

Apps that allow users to schedule tweets or repost like Buffer App are fine, I have no problem with tools like that.

These are some of the auto posts and apps I'd like to see banished from my timeline...

- "My week on Twitter x retweets, x new followers and x unfollowers" from

- Auto generated newspaper tweets by #Paperli

- Auto generated newspaper tweets by

- Auto generated hashtag tweets

- Auto Direct Messages

The other posting bots that are boarder line are the fitness apps that post "I ran x km today"

There's a simple answer to this. Ban API access to tools and apps that add zero user value. 

Are there any other auto posting apps that you wish were blocked too? Please add your suggestion in a comment below.

So there you go @Jack and the Team at Twitter. Your move...