1/5 Kiwi's use Social Networks at work


Today the NZHerald reported that 1 in 5 Kiwi's admit to using social networks like Facebook and Twitter at work for personal use. Well that's a lot of activity.

Brands should be aware of this and writing adverts to spark the curiosity of this audience, perhaps promoting services or products that person might need in the office etc.

But the real reason for this post is I think businesses should be harnessing all this social activity. If you're going to use social networks for personal benefit during work hours there should be some kick-back to your employer.

So what if after X social network interactions you are required to post a tweet, retweet, like or otherwise share content about the business you work for.

  • If the business is recruiting share the job listing
  • Share a video posted on the company Facebook page
  • Retweet an article about your company published in the NZHerald
This might equate to 1 post per day for low to medium social media users to 2-3 posts per day for medium to high users checking in to Facebook at least once per hour.

Seem fair enough?