There's something to be said about the Act of Intent


It's a powerful word. For marketers Intent is a clear indicator of interest from someone on the pathway to purchase.

The Act of Intent I think goes unloved by many marketers.

Intent is the first conversion point. A data set marketers should capture as part of their segmentation and audience optimisation programs.

For retailers the aim of advertising is to drive in-store footfall. The act of walking in store is a sign of intent and yet many retailers fail to capture that consumer all.

While we have consumer profiles involving many digital data points; once someone physically walks on-site we effective know nothing; John Snow. We have no idea who they are, what their intent drivers were or what their profile is so we can reflect those insights back into ad targeting systems.

For digital consumers; retargeting goes some way to capturing and acting on intent by reminding us we've left a shopping cart full of goodies or that the scooter we researched online last week is now on special.

Physical retailers, malls, venues need to develop better digital consumer experiences to connect, engage and monetise on-site visitors who've shown intent. 

Offering free WiFi satisfies the connect phase but lacks the value exchange the consumer and the brand desire to create a meaningful interaction that adds value to the experience.

This opportunity to create meaningful Digital Consumer Experiences that close this gap, empowering brands to harness the act of intent is one of the reasons I'm excited to be at Tomizone

In 2016 I'll be talking more about Intent as the 1st conversion point and sharing insights, tools and tactics to help physical businesses build new points of consumer interactions to increase engagement, loyalty and revenue. 

Until then Happy Holidays