11,500 tweets in 24 hours sharing and receiving personal +K recommendations


Klout is a measurement of your online influence. Klout says;

We measure your influence based on your ability to drive action in social networks

The model has come under plenty of stick over the last few years as people challenge it's authenticity.

Apart from monitoring individuals stats; Klout also looks to individual recommendations or +K's.

Given I'm doing a lot of data work at the moment I decided to to track every tweet mentioning +K for 24 hours.  After cleaning 12,000 lines of data this is what I found;

  • More than 11,700 Tweets giving or receiving personal Klout recommendations
  • 45% of +k recommendations were made or received by women
  • Average Klout score of 48. (Klout says the average score across all users is 20)
  • On average each user is on 110 Twitter lists
  • Networkers, broadcasters and Specialists were the most common Klout style's to be sharing or receiving +K recommendations

  • The top 20 users sending or receiving +K were

  • Average number of friends is 3,000
  • Average number of followers is 3,800
  • Average user has posted 15,000 tweets



  • People sharing or receiving +K Klout recommendations are more likely to be actively trying to grow their Twitter profile. That includes increasing their perceived influence , number of followers, and conversations.
  • It appears many people use +K as a mechanism to attract attention (Attention seeking)
  • Personal recommendations require that personal touch. Validate your +K's with reasoning, and personal comments to show your community the +K is authentic.

Do you have any recommendations to help people use Klout more effectively?