Brand #Talkability. Forget about shares, it's the experience people talk about



  1. the quality or state of being capable of being talked about, as by being interesting, etc
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Talkability - the art of being interesting enough people talk about their brand experiences, opinions and thoughts with peers and social networks.

Talkability is not simply referring to Facebook's PTAT [People Talking About This] page statistic which refers to the number of people that have liked, commented or shared your Facebook post.  

It doesn't even focus on tagged brand mentions in Tweets or Facebook posts.

It's a holistic way of looking at what people are talking about, where they are talking about you and the sentiment and intent of those conversations.

Great brand experiences are talked about, people talk about them face to face, and through any number of digital channels.  

#Talkability is not about how many people share your content. It's about how many people create content about you. Tweet this

Measuring Talkability is channel agnostic focusing your attention on horizontal interest rather than a single vertical perspective.

What do you think? Could you apply this to your campaigns?