Social Media News Consumption research

Pew's latest reports are interesting insights in to the changing news consumption habits of digitally savvy consumers.

30% of Americans get their news on Facebook. Only 8% of Americans get their news on Twitter.

But most people on Facebook aren't there to consume news, it just shows in their news feeds because a friend share it.  Accidental consumption.

Whether they mean to or not, nearly one out of every three Americans (30%) receive their news via the Facebook News Feed according to a new study by Pew Research Center. A whopping 64% of Americans use Facebook and nearly half (47%) responded that they “ever” get news on the social networking site. Source

Note: making it easy to share your website content is vital. A good developer will know how to help you with this. 

Twitter news consumers are also younger and more educated than their Facebook counterparts. 45% of them are between the ages of 18 and 29 (for Facebook, only 34% are in that age range), and only 2% are 65 or older (compared to 7% on Facebook).

A Facebook news consumer is 22% less likely to read traditional news papers compared to the overall population. Source

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What's important to note is that news consumption is channel agnostic. Increasingly people are consuming news in real-time, as it evolves, in bite sized pieces across multiple channels. 

The user experience of Facebook and Twitter influences what's shared, when, how and why. Twitter is [in my opinion] more real time than Facebook which could influence the type and style of media consumed. 

Also, an interesting debate is the 'news awareness' vs 'topic understanding' debate. Whether those news consumers actually understand the story behind the story unfolding or are just sharing it because it's 'happening now' and interesting is debatable.  

Anyway, interesting nevertheless