Moving from a Google ranked world to a People ranked world

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The digital world is shifting from one that is page-ranked (Google) to people-ranked (Facebook), which means peer recommended content is here to stay.

Media startups like Upworthy, ViralNova and Distractify don’t care how you find them. They don’t care how long you stay on their websites, if you type in their URLs directly, or if you even know their websites’ names.

They aren’t trying to build brands. They’re trying to earn traffic from social media referrals instead of through SEO or direct visits. Source

With content based marketing diversity of traffic is an important metric. Finding readers and being shared across multiple mediums shows your content can attract and connect with people in different ways.

Brands first need to have an innate understanding of their audience sets and how to connect with each one, what they are interested in and how the brand can help them succeed. 

The challenge for brands is working out how to mimic this style of media publishing while at the same time producing enough relevant content to feed into the system.