Snack Media will be a key trend in 2014


As media consumption becomes even more fragmented, people are looking for 'interestingness' in their newsfeeds and timelines.

People don't find the news the news finds them. Through the social graph; friends and their friends are curating what's cool, interesting, funny, astonishing or cringe worthy from around the internet. Facebook and Twitter are the new RSS aggregators, people don't subscribe to email newsletters, they just follow the site on Facebook.

When ever they have a few minuets to spare they open Facebook or Twitter to check on their newsfeed. What they are getting is Info-tainment. 

Info-tainment is content. A bite-sized morsel of content that entertains, educates and raises awareness.

Twitter and Vine are growing fast, along side mobile messaging apps like Snapchat and WeChat the way people communicate and share their lives with others is changing, again. 

Facebook is rumoured to be developing a Snapchat styled messaging app too.

Short consumption timeframes, short attention spans, fragmented consumption habits are driving the Snack Media Trend. 

If you can serve up easily digestible snacks of content, custom made for each social network you'll be off to a great start in 2014.