2016 will be about living in the moment.

The HotwirePR 2016 Communications Trends is an insightful read.

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Quick pull outs for me are.

What this means is we are moving beyond the traditional publisher/advertiser relationship. By sponsoring great content, wherever it lives, brands are no longer reliant on display ads and banners to generate awareness. Instead, they can be associated with genuinely engaging videos, imagery and interactives which work on the platforms their audiences are using.
Not being able to link back to our own websites isn’t a bad thing – instead it forces us to create campaigns which do more than just act as a filling point for our funnel. Great Instagram campaigns tap into the ups and downs of daily life, creating emotional triggers which last far longer than a blog post on a website ever will.
The message for marketers in 2016 is clear: if you’re still single-mindedly focussed on driving your audience to your website, you’re at risk of losing valuable leads. Talk to people where they’re comfortable, and you’ll reap the rewards. Websites won’t die out completely, but we might just see the death of them as a primary marketing channel.
Let’s forget about age – it’s just a number. Let’s focus our marketing on what really motivates our audience – their passions and the life they choose to live. 
2016 will be about living in the moment. Adapt your tone and message to spontaneity and embrace the lack of perfection this moment implies. Your audience will thank you for it.
Going hyperlocal gives us the chance to run national and international campaigns without sacrificing personal touch.
Mike Brandt, author of “Advertising Awesomeness”, argues that brands must add services and find ways to bring more value to today’s audience. He specifically asks communication experts to forget three things: the product, the idea and the campaign. 
Transmedia branding is centered on the idea that consumers and businesses want to engage with content which matters to them.