Look at how many people ignore us!


This is what it’s like to become a fan of a brand on Facebook. 

You go to their page to become a fan. You click the “Like” button and “Like” now says “Liked.” A check mark also appears. The end. Source

Facebook is a great way to distribute your messages to an audience that can be targeted by interest, gender or location. But it's not a hub of engagement for most brands. 

Facebook doesn’t allow brands to send welcome messages – no personal acknowledgement whatsoever. Of course brands want to say hello. If you join a mailing list, subscribe to a site or do anything with a brand, they’re quick to respond with a thank-you and “welcome aboard.” Facebook ensures no such correspondence occurs, even if brands and fans would like it to. Brands need an app to make this happen (with users agreeing to share contact information).

When Facebook thwarts the most fundamental attempts for two parties to start a relationship, it can’t actually be facilitating relationship building.  Source


One could argue that 'like gates' and fickle 'like us to win' campaigns ruined any chance people might have had to build good Facebook habits. Facebooks' functionality and brands marketing tactics destroyed any opportunity to foster rewarding relationships with fans.

1-5% weekly engagement rates on Facebook is a good result for most brands. That means more than 95% of your fan base either doesn't see your post or ignores it!

While Facebook is useful to get your offer in front of a large audience [if you have the budget] brands cannot always expect tons of 2 way conversations or engagement.

Facebook is just like advertising on TV, Radio or Print, just cheaper, more targeted and easier to measure.

I believe people are fast becoming tired of this tactic. They are hungry for deeper, more meaningful relationships with the products and services they use. At the moment they are not getting that value from liking a brand on Facebook.

Facebook is fickle.

It's much easier to start a conversation on Twitter than it is on Facebook. What you do on Facebook is click 'like', what you do on Twitter is tweet back.

ON Twitter brands can listen to conversations, keywords and trends much easier. It's much less complicated to use. People are less overwhelmed by security settings and other functions too. 

Marketers can't screw Twitter like they have with Facebook. If you're not authentic and genuine you'll get caught in seconds on Twitter. 

Tweeting under the handle @KelloggsUK the cereal company posted ‘1 RT = 1 breakfast for a vulnerable child’ on Saturday as part of its Give a Child a Breakfast campaign. Source

Compare that example of bribed promotion compared to the recent #SFBatKid. The Make a wish foundation made one young San Francisco kid's dream come true and even the President got involved along with many local businesses and organisations. It's proof that thinking "How can we be a part of this trend?" is better than "How can we get this trending?".

Twitter's product, features and user culture puts relationship building first. I wonder when or if Facebook will try to change its UI again in an attempt to change the level and quality of fan interactions for brand page posts.

News and media brands generate huge engagement on Facebook. Brands that mimic this content focused approach also do well engaging with a wider audience on Facebook. But few companies have made the cultural changes necessary to adopt this new approach. 

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