10 tips to get better #custserv in 2011

You're a customer, a consumer. For any business you represent an opportunity. But when employees let the side down with poor service your experience suffers and the business loses valuable revenue.

This year I've decided I'm going to be more proactive in store to put the odds of a decent customer experience back in my favor.

Here are my top 10 tips to help you get better service.

  1. Greet the staff with a smile, making sure they see and acknowledge you
  2. Be clear about what you want or are doing today
  3. Separate the person from the problem, unless its a manager they probably cant change much. 
  4. If you become a regular learn their procedures and systems
  5. Never raise your voice or get angry at staff
  6. Stop trying to change things by asking for a manager, or looking for alternatives
  7. Never play two employees off against each other
  8. Never put down or insult an employee
  9. Always recognize good service and thank the staff directly
  10. Have fun, I'f you're enjoying yourself the staff will enjoy helping you

This list could go on and I'm sure you can add to it. Certainly things like saving your receipts and other paper work is essential in case you need to return anything. 

If you do have a bad customer experience find the right person in the company to talk to, email them a constructive dialog of events, how you felt and possible solutions. Don'y ask for compensation unless it's a very serious matter, how the company responds will likely dictate whether you do business with them again.