10 Observations/Conclusions/Statements

Just some observations from the last few days from various LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook discussions. You probably already know these points, in which case I'm posting this for my own benefit. In any case feel free to share any good points you've learnt or read in the last few days in the comments box.

  • Selling something is about solving or providing a solution to a problem.
  • Conversations build or break trust
  • Customer experience is not good when the focus is on the sale and great when the focus is on the customer
  • Demographics are out 'buyer groups' are in
  • How to win friends and influence people is the same on and offline - "Its all about the conversations, that are about YOU"
  • No one wants to be sold to, everyone wants to be helped
  • Service is the new sales - service is social
  • Knowledge is power, the more knowledgeable your customers are about your products or service the more powerful you are...
  • Social media is about "look at you" not "look at me".
  • "Sharing is caring" and "What goes around comes around".
And finally just some of Mum's Christmas Mince Pies (fruity ones). Made the same way for the last 20 years!