10 ideas: Social Media for hotels

Today I'm staying at the Able Tasman Hotel in Wellington. The are @abletasmanhotel on Twitter, follow them. The Able Tasman Hotel are fairly new to Twitter but are committed to integrating social media into their sales and marketing plans.

So here are 10 social media ideas for hotels

  • Share something on Twitter and Facebook every day, be consistent. You might share pictures of renovated rooms or a new dish the chef is creating.
  • Create a Foursquare location and offer some free wifi time for guests who check in
  • Create search alerts for mentions on Twitter by people talking about coming to local events, conferences, public holidays and concerts. Reach out to them with a special offer
  • At the reception desk display a sign asking "Are you on Twitter". If your guest is, add their Twitter name to their booking so you can track any increases in the number of bookings from people on Twitter. You could also offer occasional special rates by DM if those people follow you.
  • In the room have a card with your Twitter and Facebook sites. Promote meal or room deals and ask the guest to share their experience.
  • When guests sign in to your wifi, on the success page display your Facebook Fan Box and Recent Tweets. Chances are guests will navigate their first. And remind guests if they check in on Foursquare they get some free time.
  • Add Twitter and Facebook links to your marketing collateral
  • Use Guest Tweets for Facebook comments in your advertising
  • Cross promote deals with event Facebook pages by writing on their wall. You might like to seek permission first
  • Use Facebook as the brand page and LIKE your partner hotel pages, local event pages and other supplier or corporate friends pages
  • So that's ten top tips. I have seen all of these used well in hotels around the world. If you want to suggest others or share how a hotel you stayed at used social media well please leave a comment.