My top 5 rules for #LinkedIn

There's as much value in a new LinkedIn connection as there is in a new follower on Twitter...until you make it real.

Bringing connections to life needs more than a click, it needs conversations.  

Over the last 4 years I've attributed at least 40% of new business came through LinkedIn. Today I'll spend about 2 hours on LinkedIn on desktop and mobile. 

It's mostly research. I don't find the news, the news finds me. I connect with people, companies that share ideas, knowledge and resources. It's the hub of thought leadership.

LinkedIn is like Twitter without the banter. It's the conference vs the coffee shop

 #Flitter's Top 5 most useful tips for #LinkedIn

    1. Make new connections real. Phone or email new connections as soon as you can. It's about referrals and connecting the dots. What sort of work would they like to be referred to them and vice versa.
    2. Love your company profile. Invite people to follow your business on LinkedIn. Post updates, news, articles each day. Staff and followers will share, helping your content to reach like minded people quickly. 
    3. Share what interests you.  Regular updates and activity is important to develop your presence. 
    4. Add context to each post with your own questions or comments on the article
    5. Connect with context. Make invites relevant and personal. 


    What are your top LinkedIn tips? What features or tactics are helping you generate new leads, learn or connect?