Digital Marketing Insights for 2014 and what they really mean

Webmarketing123 surveyed 500 digital marketers about their top digital goals and challenges in 2014. 


 So what do all these insights really mean?

- B2B Marketers are constantly challenged with connecting their content and messages with the right people. B2B often involves nurture tactics or 'permission marketing', however targeting based on industry/company/job description is flawed. B2B marketers need to move to B2P and target individuals based on behaviour, interests and conversations.

- B2C Marketers still struggle to 'close the loop' to accurately attribute digital marketing tactics to actual sales. It's still hard to measure the value and impact of social proof, brand building and social recommendations which indirectly influence sales on and offline.

- Marketing budgets are still not aligned with where most people spend their time. Media consumption habits have changed but budget allocations are still stuck in traditional campaigns. Hopefully in 2014 we'll see further balancing as brands integrate digital marketing on and offline.

With all the data and tools available there really is no excuse, you should know which channels are delivering results.

Fundamentally online marketing and offline/traditional marketing appear to remain divided, separated by budgets, personal and leadership. This will change in 2014

Many of the objectives and challenges highlighted here won't be resolved until CMO's and the marketing department view traditional and digital holistically and form multi-discipline teams to develop channel agnostic campaigns.