Christmas holidays delivered stunning #Facebook #ad results

While many advertisers were on holiday a Facebook campaign we’re running for a client has completely stunned us over the last few weeks.

We started the campaign in early December achieving reasonable results. We’re measuring success by Click throughs to the website and finally website form registrations.

However on December 23rd the switch was flicked. CTR tripled and registrations increased 10x. All of a sudden we realised our target audience was home, on holiday and probably board, mucking around on Facebook.

Christmas eve was stella, Christmas day was busy too, Boxing day was manic. This was not expected at all.

We tripled the ad budget, added in a handful of fresh variations which stimulated the campaign even more.

It’s now Jan 6th and the campaign continues to perform consistently well. 

The lesson? 

Don’t under estimate the holiday period for B2B or software marketing because your target audience is likely off-work, thinking about the year ahead and has the time to consider new opportunities.